Auto Accident

Texas, the 2nd Most Dangerous State for Drivers in the U.S.


Maverick County Medical specializes in treating automobile accident injuries to the head, neck, back and limbs. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, evaluation may be required by our Physician, Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chiropractic care or any combination thereof.


Auto-accident victims often experience fatigue and irritability. Trauma from the event plus pain and disability can create stress which lingers into the stages of treatment and recovery. Understanding what to do when you’re in an automobile accident can save you valuable time and long-term medical care expenses. A prompt physical examination at our Maverick County Medical clinic is recommended when you suffer an accident-related injury.


We work with your attorney to provide you timely access to medical care, appropriate followup, X-Ray, CT Scan and MRI evaluation and, when needed, referral to specialist care.  Your attorney is provided detailed medical reports of your injury, course of treatment and prognosis as well.


Contact our Personal Injury specialist at 830-773-3331 for more information.



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